Lovers Leap ? A Famous Tourist Attraction In Trincomalee


Trincomalee is a new entrant to the tourist friendly destinations in Sri Lanka, with the ending of a civil war that lasted decades. Pristine beaches that have been untouched await the traveller who wishes to explore this exotic location. Located on the east coast of the island, the seas surrounding Trincomalee offer some of the best spots for surfing in Sri Lanka. Nilaveli and Upaveli are among the best beaches in this coastal town, with the months of July and August being the best for surfing. For those who want to just take a dip and swim in the azure waters of Trinco, will find it safe from the months of May to October. One of the world’s deepest and natural harbours can be found in Trincomalee, making it a target and envy of other nations. So much so, that the city has changed hands seven times during its history.

 Popular tourist activities in the area include; a visit to Velgam Vihara which is a Buddhist temple with origins as far back as the 2nd century AD, whale and dolphin spotting, Pottuvil lagoon, Kuamana and Yala National Park, Koneswaram Kovil and Swami Rock or what is referred to as Lovers Leap.

 Located within the Dutch fort of Trincomalee is a Hindu temple called Koneswaram. It is from this area that some of the best and most breathtaking views of the ocean and town can be seen. Within the compounds of the temple is Swami Rock, or better known as Lovers Leap. This rock has a sheer drop of 350 feet and legend has it that a Dutch Officer’s daughter jumped off this rock after a broken love affair, hence the name Lovers Leap. The original temple that existed was destroyed by the Portuguese, and what stands at the entrance to Lovers Leap is a new one. Religious rituals take place every evening at the temple, and many devotees frequent the area to partake in these practices.

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