Love Those Lotto Results: South Africa and The Lotto


While the rest of the world would treat lotto results as just lotto results, South Africa residents are all agog about every set of winning numbers, draw after draw. And with lotto being the most popular form of gambling in South Africa – it generated over $ 410 million worth of transactions in 2007 alone – you might want to look at this low-key, medium-stakes game as well.

Lotto in South Africa

When it comes to lotto, South Africans have been going crazy over it since the South African National Lottery launched in 2000. It is, however, far from being the first to have draws and publish weekly lotto results. South Africahas seen a couple of other lotteries in the past, but they quickly declined by the 1990’s. The Natal Lotto was another notable game in the area, but it only operated between 1992 and 2000.

Research conducted in 2006 found that more than 4 out of every 5 South Africans place weekly bets on the lottery and religiously watch out for the lotto results. South Africa is thus one of the most lotto-friendly regions you could find; you’re sure to find a fellow player just about wherever you go. The same study found that residents spent an average of $ 8.38 on lottery tickets every week – impressive for a largely unemployed population.

At present, the National Lottery has provided tens of thousands of jobs for residents ranging from clerical staff to publishers for lotto results. South Africa has benefited much from the Lottery’s presence, especially since more than a third of the proceeds go to good causes throughout the area.

Playing South African Lotto

If you’ve played lotto games in other countries before, you’d definitely know how to interpret the local lotto results. South Africa uses a 6/49 system similar to many other lotto games throughout the world, and features a Bonus Ball similar to Power Play. The winning numbers are drawn on a publicly televised drawing every Wednesday and Saturday, making those the important days of the week for every lotto player.

Ever since ticket prices increased in March 2009, each play costs R3.50, for a chance to win upwards of R2.5 million. Now, don’t get too excited about the numbers. Considering the recent exchange rates, each ticket for the South African National Lottery costs about 36 American cents, and the typical jackpot is about $ 260,000. Although the Lotto jackpot builds up over time, non-won jackpots in Lotto Plus aren’t rolled over to the next draw.

For lotto results, South Africa’s lottery officials post the winning numbers online through the official website. You could also get the latest winners by reading through local newspapers and publications. With lotto as big as it is in the region, the week’s latest lottery results shouldn’t be very hard to miss.

Yes, the prizes are relatively small, but so is the cost of buying a ticket. If you want to test out some new theory or technique on actual lotto results, South Africa is a great place to try it out without burning some deep holes in your bank account.