Love Poems

{flickr|100|campaign} Poems are a way of expressing thoughts, emotions and feelings in a verse form. Poems are of many types and the poems which are used to express love and affection are sometimes called Love Poems.
Love poems are a typical way of expressing one’s sentiments towards someone or something. They are usually written by the lover and dedicated to the object he loves. Love has been a part of poetry ever since the first verses of poetry were penned down. They show the thoughts one has in their mind about the person they love and the one the poem has been written for. Love poems tend to be deeply sentimental and the evocative qualities may depend on the intellectual level of the poet. Some love poems are ambiguous and abstract, others are straight forward and dont require much imagination to get the true meaning out of them. As such, love poems often present different meaning to every reader. One might witness the love for nature and creation of God in the poem and the others may consider the same poem to be written by a lover for his beloved lady / man. It depends on the personal thinking rather than the verses of poem itself. That is in essence the true beauty of poetry.
Many great poets have written love poems that have amused people since the early ages. They immortalized their love in the form of poetry and have left it for next generations to be amused by it. Some people say love poems are written directly through the heart and there is no better gift than this to your loved ones.
The greatest of poets have been commended for their work in love poems like Chaucer, Dante Rossetti, Shakespeare, John Donne etc, the list goes on. Love poems dont have to be a perfect piece of writing, just to be a good poem but the basic ingredient is that poem should be written in the language of the heart and the person you want to convey your thoughts to should get the message your heart speaks. There a few famous types of love poems that have been followed since long. Some of the famous styles of love poems include the Sonnet, The Sestina, The Villanelle and the Ode.
The poems do not necessarily have to be written to a beautiful girl by his lover or vice versa rather it expresses every form of love there is in this world. For example, the boy writes a poem to his mother on mother’s day thanking him for her care and expresses his love then it also is written in the language of the heart and is classified as a love poem. Finally, love poems are a great way to show how much you care for someone or something and you can freeze those feelings in your diary or on a piece of paper for a very long time! Visit: poemshare.