Love Best- Mizuno JPX AD Iron


Golf Irons come in different varieties. I don’t know if Tiger Woods has ever used a duel hinge irons or not but most players can see an improvement to their game by practicing on a duel hinge irons because these golf clubs empower the user to identify their flaws immediately, with the instant feedback of the dual hinge technology.

Mizuno like many manufacturers have moved away from the titanium face to a maraging face on their GI irons which provide as hot feel and very good ball speeds. The JPX AD Maraging features a large pocket cavity and wide sole. This automatic iron is made for maximum forgiveness and distance.

The Mizuno JPX has always been a forged automatic model for the average golfer and the new JPX Irons are no different as they seem to sport an even thicker topline that previous models. Mizuno however has continued not to use a pocket cavity for the forged model to maintain the soft feel.

Testing sessions around Japan have begun for the prelaunch of the new Mizuno JPX AD line for 2010. Thanks to Nikkan Sports we were able to get a preview of the new clubs including the new JPX Maraging face irons, JPX Forged and JPX AD Iron.


The new JPX AD takes some getting used to looks wise but has a very forgiving package with a mid height face but shallow back design. It is 46.5″ in length to produce maximum distance for those looking to go straight and long. We look forward to more in depth testing but for now here are the pictures!


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