Love and Rockets – Brisbane, Australia – Review


Now I am not the type of person that casually goes to strip clubs, but when I had the opportunity to tag along to a 21st birthday celebration and all round ‘boys night out’ in The Valley that ended up at the Love & Rockets strip club, my curiosity got the better of me. This club completely changed all my preconceived perceptions of gentlemen’s clubs. Upon entering the club after receiving a warm and non judgemental welcome by the hostess, I was surprised to see the futuristic science fiction interior with trippy 70’s style luxury and comforts of a five star hotel. But what was most surprising was the inviting and friendly atmosphere adopted by staff at Love & Rockets. 

Being part of a group of eager boys, we were given the option for a VIP package that my accompanists happily obliged to as a birthday present for their friend. We were invited upstairs and transported into a world of relaxation and luxury with apparently one of Australia’s first ever two story lap room. Unfortunately on that particular night there were no ‘skilled’ dancers showing off their impressive acrobatic pole dancing moves on the poles over four metres high. 

Guided to a booth with adequate room for all of us, the boys were shortly greeted with individual female attention and the whole night received ‘couch’ drink service. The walls (and even the bathrooms) were littered with plasma TV screens featuring music film clips, adventure shows and sports, if watching the girls perform is not your thing. If you want to get up close with the action with a seat at ‘pole’ position or take in the atmosphere on one of the comfortable hotel style couches, Love & Rockets accommodates for every type of customer. 

The atmosphere, environment and relaxed friendly nature of the girls made it a very fun night for this tag along female. Chatting to the girls and enjoying the recent chart music from their amazing sound system, at times I completely forget I was in a strip club and came to respect the girls more as the night wore on. Now I can’t deny the obvious raw sexual agenda of the place and I understand it will not be for everyone’s taste. But it is my opinion that Love & Rockets is breaking from the image of seedy underground strip clubs and moulding the future of adult entertainment with luxury and style, providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere for both sexes. 

Whether it’s for a buck’s party, birthdays or an exciting eccentric night out for both males and females, Love & Rockets is sure to provide you will a night out that you’ll be advising to your friends for years to come.