Lourdes Leon ? Pop Queen’s stylish daughter


Born on 14 October 1996, Lourdes Leon is well known as the pretty beloved of Pop Queen Madonna. Having such a talented mother and an ideal model, Lourdes Leon soon expresses her passion and taste in fashion. It seems that the more little girl grows up, the more attention she gets from the media and paparazzi. Paparazzi do not only care about her private life as the daughter of the notorious pop stars but they are also attracted by her special fashion styles. Lourdes Leon’s perfect fashion taste may be resulted from her early exposition to world’s best designed clothes by renowned designers like Stella McCarrtney, Marc Jarcob, Dolce and Gabbana. Inherited her mother’s beautiful features, this 14 year old girl has receive a lot of praise for her loveliness as well as satisfying clothing styles.


Dynamic with jeans

Lourdes Leon always does a good match between jeans and accessories


Simple but dynamic. Lourdes Leon looks much mature and stylish in black



Outstanding with leggings

Stylish with rose patterned legging pants


Outstanding with emerald eye-catching leggings, short skirt and leather


Unique and lovely with white and black stripped leggings



Stylish with glasses of all types

Black glasses


Emerald glasses


Yellow glasses



Special with scarfs

Lourdes Leon prefers long scarfs with tentacles


Skull patterned scarf is Lourdes Leon’s most preferred and used one


Thin scarf with tentacles makes her looks naughtier


Gracious and lovely besides her Pop Queen mother


Madonna is greatly proud of her beloved daughter ‘s fashion taste.




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