{flickr|100|campaign} Family summer vacation in Louisiana is an ideal spot for people with a variety of interests. It has an extremely colorful and rich history thereby being an extremely informative experience for both children as well as adults. This particular locality was ardently explored by various Spanish explorers during 1519 and 1541. From an overall perspective, Louisiana is a state which is known for its salt, sulfur, petroleum as well as natural gas production. On the other hand, it also produces products such as rice, sweet potatoes, soybeans as well as corn. Therefore it can be described as being a state which plays a versatile role in the United States economy as a whole. Over the years it has become an extremely attractive tourist spot because of its rich history as well as historical monuments and places.

Family summer vacation in Louisiana can be an extremely enjoyable experience owing to the fact that the state offers a rural as well as an urban outlook. One of the most famous places to visit is the Cajun County which professes French Canadian villages. Over the years, this particular area within Louisiana has attracted a lot of visitors from all over the world. On the other hand, the plantation county within Louisiana has been present from the 1800s which has been the source of prosperity for the entire state. People particularly like visiting the antebellum plantations that are extensively growing within this locality.

Also, crossroads is an area within Louisiana that is heavily populated with many of the most popular breakfast inns within this state. These inns are extremely trendy spots within the district and are frequently visited by tourists. They provide an opportunity to interact with other tourists as well as the locals. However, it is better to get a brief description of the other various tourist spots within the district since it is an extremely popular vacationing spot. For this purpose, one can opt for browsing through the internet to look up information or by calling up local travel guides to get an idea about the attractions available within Louisiana.

On the other hand, one can also purchase travel guidebooks from local bookstores as well as online bookshops. These books are cost effective and efficient ways of gathering information about the place that one wants to visit. However, Louisiana is a state which is known for its tourist attractions therefore even without any information an individual or a family can have a great time. Also, one can explore websites like eZipit to find out about various options in regards to family summer vacation in Louisiana.