Lose Weight by Adding Weight


If you’re looking to lose some weight, most likely you are really looking to lose some fat. Body weight in and of itself is often misleading. I mean if you could look like one of those cover models – lean, sexy with six pack abs, would you really care what the number on the scale said? I didn’t think so!

OK, so now that we have it established that you really want to lose FAT, and not just weight, let’s look at what needs to be done.

When you look at those cover models mentioned above, hopefully you realize that they’re not ‘skinny’. They are lean, meaning they have very little body fat covering a good amount of healthy, attractive muscle. If they didn’t have that muscle, they wouldn’t look nearly as good as they do (and they probably wouldn’t be getting that magazine cover gig, either). So in your efforts to look good, remember that you’ll need to focus on not only losing fat, but on building muscle on your frame as well.

The good news is that these two goals can work together in synergy. While you are probably better off focusing on one or the other at a time, doing the right things, that we’ll outline below, should help you go in the right direction of both less fat and more muscle.

The first thing you need to get in order is your diet. You need to be eating a good, healthy, nutritious diet. Ideally you’ll be eating a number of smaller meals throughout the day. As many as 5 to 7 different small meals rather than 2 or 3 big ones like many people are accustomed to these days.

The next part of the plan is some simple exercise, such as walking regularly. This will be important for not only fat loss, but also to help you recover from your weight training by increasing blood circulation.

Speaking of weight training, this is the biggest aspect of building good, healthy, sexy muscle on your body. The key to making progress is making sure that you’re pushing your body enough. Don’t over do it, but simply moving a few little pink dumbbells around isn’t going to do much for your body. You need to be lifting weights that, after 12 to 15 reps, you are done (temporarily, at least). I mean, you can’t lift it again, not simply that you choose to stop at number 15. If you don’t demand anything from your body, if you just go through the motions, your body won’t give you anything back in return.

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