Lose Weight And Make Money

Lose Weight And Make Money

Lose Weight and Make Money

Wellness Challenges with Cash Prizes
Make a personal weight loss bet, get your friends together for a team weight loss challenge,
or compete in a corporate wellness program.

Leading academics have found that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight. HealthyWage applies that research, offering cash weight loss challenges that model those studies and make losing weight more fun and effective.

You’d think health and vanity alone would be strong enough motivators for weight loss, but financial incentives provide additional benefits that are critical to success. Cash-based challenges are powerful tools that help you (1) commit to a specific starting point (eliminating pre-diet procrastination), and (2) avoid quitting before you’ve accomplished your goals.

One widely cited study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) found those who have a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to reach their target than dieters with no money at stake. See Volpp, K.G., John, L.K., Troxel, A.B., Norton, L., Fassbender, J., and Loewenstein, G., “Financial Incentive-based Approaches for Weight Loss: A Randomized Trial,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 300(22), 2631-2637 (2008).

The JAMA study, conducted by researchers at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, divided a group of dieters (in the same weight loss program) into groups. One of the groups received no financial incentive. Another group received a double-incentive in the form of a cash weight loss bet. Each participant wagered up to $336. As a negative incentive, if the dieters failed to achieve their goal they lost the cash deposit. As a positive incentive, the dieters were offered a cash prize of up to three times their deposit if they achieved their weight loss goal.

The results were astounding. Dieters in the incentive group lost almost three times more weight than dieters in the non-incentive group, and dieters in the incentive group were almost five times more likely than dieters in the non-incentive group to achieve their weight loss goal.

HealthyWage challenges — which include JAMA-like betting and also a team weight loss challenge — are all based on the double-incentivization model. We believe you are more likely to succeed if (1) you stand to lose something if you fail and (2) you stand to win something significant if you succeed.


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