Looking And Seeing Into the Distance


It has been my great privilege as a Natural Vision Educator for the past 13 years, to assist people in reducing or eliminating their dependency on prescription lenses, and to help them see clearly into the distance again, with their own eyes. This can be a very powerful, life-changing step.

Anyone who has had enough of the expense and inconvenience of needing vision correction should research and explore the possibility offered in a Natural Vision Improvement program.

William Bates, creator of Natural Vision Improvement, demonstrated over and over again that myopia, or near-sightedness, is caused by tension in the visual system, combined with mental strain. When we study, read or use computers for many hours, our eyes must create a physical state of tension in order for us to see clearly close-up. Combine this physical tension with mental stress and strain associated with trying to learn something, and we have created the conditions for myopia.

In order to see up close, and to maintain close vision, the eyeball must elongate. This lengthening of the eyeball causes the image of what we’re looking at to be placed exactly in the centre of the retina where sharp vision occurs. Eye muscles which encircle the eye and hold it in its orbit, contract and hold for all of the hours that we are reading, studying or doing other close work. The “problem” that later presents itself, is that we look up from our book, or computer, and discover that we are having trouble seeing across the room or off into the distance …

Of course, when this problem persists, we are off to have our eyes examined, and are usually advised to get a pair of “corrective” lenses for distance seeing. The problem with the “correction” in using lenses is that the eye muscles are still in a state of tension, the eyeball is still elongated, but we can see into the distance now because our lenses are bending the light for us without eye muscles relaxing their grip. And so the eye remains in a state of tension; usually a tension that we cannot feel or recognize easily.

It is an interesting paradox that the way to improve the condition of myopia (near-sight) is to remove corrective lenses and begin to look, unaided, into the distance again. Of course, this at first must be done in safe situations, where the seer is relaxed and not worrying about how well they see, but rather just looking to observe what is out there … colours, shapes, movement etc. Then, through a series of very simple exercises and practices designed to relax the eyes and stimulate their focusing ability at all distances, our vision actually begins to heal, and day by day we are able to see better without glasses.

Ideally, the best time to learn these practices is before there is a need for prescription lenses. Just as we learn how to care for our teeth, our hair, and our skin, we should learn healthy habits of seeing and maintaining good vision … habits that take only a few minutes every day, and reward us with eyes that see clearly in a relaxed, holistic way … a much healthier type of seeing than through prescription lenses which close in our field of vision and create an unhealthy dependency which only spirals downward with prescriptions getting stronger and stronger.

If you wear prescription lenses or contacts, you are already aware that prescriptions get stronger and stronger as time goes on … and as explained above, this means that eyes are getting more and more tense, and weaker and weaker as we age. This deterioration can be stopped and even reversed through committing to a natural, safe program designed to strengthen your eyesight.

When any part or system in our body becomes ill or injured, we know that healing is a possibility … this principle can be applied to vision as well. Look into it! Start a vision improvement program … you’ll be thankful that you did!