Logitech Harmony Hub + Amazon Echo Dot + Vizio 4K Display + Home Entertainment Center

Logitech Harmony Hub + Amazon Echo Dot + Vizio 4K Display + Home Entertainment Center

Review and setup the Logitech Harmony Hub, connect it to the Amazon Echo Dot to control Vizio 4K display and home entertainment center. In a previous video I talked about the various ways that you can use the Amazon Echo Dot to stream Amazon Prime Music to a surround sound system using a bluetooth connection. To solve this problem, I’m going to add the Logitech Harmony Hub to my home entertainment system. The Harmony Hub is basically a wifi enabled IR blaster that has the ability to control thousands of IR and RF systems including TVs, displays, tuners, Roku’s and a variety of other component types, just like a Logitech wireless universal remote.

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There are several options for the hub, including a variety of companion remotes. You can buy the Harmony Hub as a standalone unit, but other purchasing options include the Logitech Harmony Elite and Logitech Harmony Companion. The Harmony Elite is a bundle that includes the Harmony Hub and the Logitech 950 Universal Remote. Whereas the Harmony Companion is a bundle that includes the Harmony Hub and the Harmony Companion extension remote.

It simply performs the task of controlling the hub, which is really the remote. The Harmony 950 on the other hand can be used as a stand alone remote, or it can stay synced with the hub. This is a cool feature if you plan to use a remote and a hub together. The harmony 650, on the other hand, has no idea what’s happening on the harmony hub.

The harmony hub and and logitech remotes remember their last command. Say for example, you issue a Watch TV command on your hub. If you use a remote like the logitech 650 to set Watch Movie mode, the hub doesn’t know. If you then give the command to Watch TV to the hub, it won’t do anything because it thinks it already is there. So my recommendation is to at least get the harmony companion remote, but the logitech 950 does look pretty cool.

To achieve voice control of my home entertainment system, I have setup both logitech hub skills in my amazon alexa. Once you properly setup the logitech hub and link it to your Echo or Google Home, you’ll have full voice control over your home theater system. If you purchase the hub all by itself, it comes with the hub, a USB charging cable, a USB sync cable, a remote IR blaster, and of course, the instruction manual.It’s important to note that the harmony hub needs to have line of sight to the components you wish to control.

The IR blaster sits on the front of the hub. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities that the harmony hub will provide. If you’re doing cool home entertainment stuff with Alexa and Harmony, let me know in the video comments below.

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