Living In Mexico; Choosing Mexico Real Estate For Your Lifestyle

.tags Living in Mexico is one of the best options for Americans and Canadians looking for a warm weather lifestyle with high quality services at a very affordable price. Since there is no one “Mexican lifestyle” it is important for future expats to know some of the many different options available in Mexico real estate, and the lifestyle they offer.

The following is a brief overview of these options.

Beachfront. Mexico properties on the beachfront, or nearby are one of the classic options. Mexico has thousands of miles of shoreline and many include beautiful beachfront areas. For people who like the hot sun, the ocean, international dining, modern shopping, and a large range of tourist-focused activities, some of the communities which have grown up around a strong tourism industry, such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Puerto Vallarta, to name only a few, are a great choice. There are also some more secluded beach areas which few tourists have discovered; there are lower prices and a quieter lifestyle, but much few services.

Colonial. More and more North Americans are discovering the charm offered by a number of Mexico’s beautifully kept up colonials cities, with wonderful old architecture, city squares and plazas full of tall, old trees, flowers and park benches, and a living culture that allows them to be a part of this romantic lifestyle. Colonial homes can be found both fully restored, or as renovation projects still to be undertaken. Prices of real estate and the cost of living can be surprisingly low.

Lakefront Towns. Many of these also date from colonial times, and even if not, the reflect the rich traditions and very relaxing lifestyle for which Mexico is famous. Many have made a real effort to conserve the original visual atmosphere of the town, and centuries-old traditions in festivals, music and art live on quite on their own. Properties in the town next to old cobblestone roads and small white homes with red-clay roofs, or out on the lake with splendid views of the lake and the surrounding hillside are favorites. The surrounding countryside is usually ideal for bike rides or relaxing drives through small, winding roads.

Mexico is a very diverse country, offering many different styles of cities, communities and lifestyles. These three are some of the favorites; even within them, there is a great deal of variety in choice. Find out more about Mexico, and find your own personal paradise!; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely