Liverpool Football Club


Liverpool Football Club has a long and much told storied history. Dating back to 1892, the Club has had it’s many ups and it’s many downs. Continuing to play at Anfield for all these years, they have developed a loyal fan-base around the globe. From England, where they are still considered to be among the Big Four, to remote places throughout the world, particularly in areas such as Scandinavia and Asia. Fans can be heard form each and every corner chanting the infamous “Y N W A.” Chant. It stands easily for “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It’s a phrase that has kept fans loyal through the ages, and it is also a phrase that is motivating even off the football pitch. The song originates from an Echo and the Bunny Men hit that was popular in the Merseyside area and regularly played before matches. Once it was no longer played the fans on the famous kop kept the tradition by singing the hit themselves.

Liverpool have been a top-flight team for most of their history, and hold the most League Titles in the history of the English game with 18 titles. Over the last few years, this honour has been hard fought to remain in Liverpool’s name against another one of the world’s most popular teams known as Manchester United. It’s been a battle back and forth and although Liverpool still retain the most League Titles, it seems to be up for grabs with the poor performance over the last couple of seasons. Even though they are known as one of the “Big Four” due to their history, the last couple of seasons have seen them fall well below that mark. The end of the 2009-2010 season found them well outside of the Champions League qualifying places, and were granted a place in the Europa League instead (formerly the UEFA cup). The top four clubs in the Premier League each season automatically qualify for the Champions league of the next season as a representative of England.

In European Football, of which the Champions League is perhaps the most popular representation, teams from across Europe get to showcase their skills against teams from other European Leagues. Liverpool FC has also made more than a mark in all forms of European Competition. From the UEFA Cup to the European Cup, the Champions League, and several others, Liverpool FC has proven to be a dominant squad.

Although they are off to a rough start for the 2010-2011 season with injuries mounting, a new coach, and rampant dissent in the locker room, it doesn’t matter to the most loyal of Liverpool fans. Although they are sitting in 11th place in the table right now, the fans know they will continue to rise in the table and get better and better throughout the year. Perhaps another Champions League qualification is in order. Perhaps even another European Cup to call their own. They are still moving forward in the Europa League, so they may be able to add yet another piece of silverware to their collection by the end of this season, no matter the place they end up in the Premier League Table.