Little Tiger stigma in South Africa four years ago, vowed to wash do not watch the customer


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4 years World Cup in Germany, Eriksson insisted take only 17 years old Theo Walcott for England shocked up and down, then all Swedes also proved bold, tiger did not get a minute of play opportunities, but after 4 years, and gradually their ability to show people that decided to erase this stigma Walcott.

Walcott was nothing to do with their own DV recorded his first World Cup, unfortunately, this “first” is full of bitter, recently, Walcott was again recalled that my own This DV, Little Tiger hope this will not only be able to continue his England selection, but also can play a greater role than the last.

In an interview with “The Guardian” interview, Walcott said: “I was not a daily thing to do, you can see my emotions go down day by day, because I came to understand, I really do not have a chance to play, I like a idlers, or a business photographer, it really inspired me, of course, because you want to do better next time, if I can get the opportunity to participate in the World Cup in South Africa, I want to go further. “

Beckham injured in England on the right of the competition seems to become less intense, but the sudden emergence of Milner has suddenly increased the number of variables, but compared to Shaun Wright-Phillips and Lennon’s hat-trick in Croatia Walcott there are many advantages, not only he can play winger also act as forward, and Shaun Wright-Phillips Manchester City has become a substitute, Lennon had just come back, the state can not be guaranteed, if nothing unexpected happens, Wal- Côte sure that Capello’s 23-man squad selected.

Walcott also lay the abacus, even if only off the bench will have to go all out: “Are you starting is not important, as long as the team win, that is the most important thing, but you always want to played all the time, this season is not good for me, I am very disappointed, I was thinking if I put too much pressure on myself, I am anxiously back in the injury, if you are too anxious, sometimes Regardless, you may become a field in a game the best, but the next game they played very bad, but if you get the chance, even if only for 5 minutes, came to a teammate so that he headed home a strike, everyone will remember this. “