Lionel Messi Arrived In Beijing Five Bodyguards Go Hand In Hand Leads To Chaos And Disregard For Chi

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Am Beijing time on August 5, “Audi Barcelona China Tour” officially began. K League victory over Barcelona in the 5-2 star team arrived in Beijing after the night. Earlier in Seoul for the game, Messi came off the bench scored 2 goals 3 minutes, becoming the biggest player in Barcelona to win.

Barcelona Asian Tour: Barcelona arrives in Beijing [Sports Photo Center] Barcelona star Lionel Messi top
In China, Lionel Messi Barcelona is still the most popular players. When the aircraft arrived in Barcelona Beijing International Airport, has been waiting for three hours the fans and the media will stir up. With Barcelona, emerging players, the enthusiasm of the fans have been ignited. The evening’s climax comes as Macy appeared at that moment.

In contrast with it is that Ibrahim was a second team in Barcelona player appeared, but did not cause the collective Chinese fans out of control, even chasing him are few.

When Messi appears, everyone started chanting the name of Lionel Messi. This cry has been before in his appearance, and when he went away, cries still not interrupted. At this point, the presence of reporters began to compete for favorable terrain, the organizers are trying to maintain order, and for a scene of chaos.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and alone, compared with a 3 Messi side and two police bodyguards, no person shall close. And Messi is the cry for the Chinese fans did not respond, but went straight to the bus.

Then the fans and the media continue to chase Messi, then come out behind him Guardiola has no buyers, he even laid-back with the staff doing the exchange.

Even Messi on the bus, he is still the focus of all lenses and flash. Massey sat in the penultimate row of the bus, he and his teammates on the bus is not much communication. Although close to the window, but because there is a horizontal barrier, fans look hard to see Macy’s. But the camera and flash, you have been on to him until the bus to leave Barcelona.

When the Barcelona bus away, the Chinese fans are still reluctant to leave immediately, they just get together and discuss the pros and cons. And then also heard the three Spanish journalists repeat the hot scenes, where they learn to just listen to Chinese: “Messi, Messi, Messi ……”