Lingo German Tutorial = Easy German


Receive an easy German tutorial with Lingo German. If you are at all familiar with the Lingo translators you will know that, as in all their supreme quality products, this has to be yet another supreme product. And this is not the typical German tutorial either, but instead covers German the way that it is spoken when you are sitting next to a typical German resident, whether in a bar, on a bus, at Oktoberfest, or simply waiting in line to catch a train. That’s why it’s called Lingo German. The easy German part is how you’ll feel about Lingo German. After all Lingo German does turn this ordinarily difficult language into easy German!

Not Just Translations

Unless you know the lingo that a typical German resident uses, you would find that even if you understand most of the vocabulary, the way that the words are strung together would leave you totally in the dark. The best example that I can give you is the typical American teenager’s slang when they say the following phrase: “You’re bad!”  Direct translation of those words would make you assume that you should punch the said teen, when actually they’ve paid you a compliment! The easy German tutorial that Lingo German brings you will prevent such terrible translations of popular idioms, day-to-day slang, and other colloquial terms. What’s more you will use those phrases with the correct pronunciation too!


If you need to integrate better with Germans, whether for social reasons or even business reasons, you will definitely need to know more than the German words for pen, paper or dog!  As with any group, being aware of the lingo means that you gain acceptance almost immediately. This also means that you will understand jokes, and all the twists to the German language that Germans sprinkle throughout their fascinating language. With the easy German tutorial brought to you by Lingo German you will completely understand the nuances of the language in ways you never thought possible.

The Right Phrase

You will learn German slang phrases that are not vulgar, low, and abusive or in any manner offensive, but you will learn slang phrases that are heard everyday as part of an important element of the German language. These are phrases that are presented on television programs, in their advertising and even on German billboards. And it’s all simplified for you with this easy German tutorial with Lingo German.

Understanding passing remarks and their complete meaning is what will lead you to becoming comprehensively fluent in German. Without knowing German slang, most conversations between Germans will totally leave you in the dust, to use an American slang phrase.


We’ve listed a lot of pros about learning German with this easy German tutorial with Lingo German, but there are a few cons about it too. For instance, just as there are many colloquial phrases used in New York City that would not be common in New Orleans, there are many slang phrases that are more regional that you won’t be exposed to. Also, because language changes so rapidly, there’s a chance you won’t know the very “latest” turns of German lingo even though the product is utterly fantastic!