Life in Montreal


Throughout the greater Montreal area residents and visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of activities, both traditional as well as contemporary. This jewel of a city is well known for its diversity. With multiplicity of ethnic neighbourhoods and a rich tapestry of cultures and home-style cooking, regardless of the city you call home, life in Montreal is good. A visit to Montreal, Canada’s most European city in this hemisphere provides easy access to jobs and accommodations and enough comforts to make it a true destination city. Montreal is good for singles or young families with children, especially in regard to schools and parks and activities that feed the soul. Parks are rich and lush with enough flora and fauna to fill the days with leisurely pastimes galore. And food and gas prices and all associated budget impacts on the wallet are at a level that motivates Montreal’s citizens to be very frugal. All in all the lifestyle is not extravagant but pleasantly low key and very low stress.

Here are a few quick facts about Voyage Montreal:

– Currently there are over a quarter of a million people that call Montreal home.
– Montreal provides an affordable lifestyle filled with recreational options such as biking, seasonal skiing, hiking and rollerblading to mention a few of the more vigorous activities.
– Montreal Canada could be considered a festival showcase from January through December. Their
Power Jazz Series began in September 2009 and runs through May 2010 and will begin with a similar schedule every year. And Montreal’s fabulously appointed museums have ongoing exhibits and exhibitions that run year round in 6 month blocks.
– And no city like Montreal would be considered a true destination city without lavish dining. With choices like the Fairmont Bagel and Au Pied de Cochon, and the unbelievable Le Club et Peche, no gourmet’s appetite will be disappointed.
– Hotels in Montreal Canada attract both superstars and regular folks who like to enjoy the ambiance of such marvels as the Hotel Le St James or the Opus Hotel Montreal, all five star palaces with great creature comforts and all the trimmings that make for a memorable visit.
– Public transportation in Montreal has the reputation of being the best people moving system in North
– Shopping malls are fresh and active and the farmer’s markets bring fresh flavour to the shopper’s experience in every sense of the word fresh.
– Real estate values make for a great buy and money is available for citizens through a specially designed financing package created by the city. Lifestyle options abound in Montreal with a wide variety of choices in available properties.

Those who opt for an urban lifestyle will be pleased with the quality of life that can be enjoyed by individuals living in this quietly bustling city. Those who decide to visit Montreal Canada will find themselves enjoying a comfortably fresh and romantic city, steeped in European style but not so much that it lacks contemporary grace and wonder. And if you’re a winter sports type, you’ll definitely want to visit Montreal in the latter part of the year.