Letting Your Friends Know About Your Divorce


The most difficult aspect of getting a divorce is severing ties with a person whom you loved once, and perhaps saddening your children if you have any. Divorce is always hard for everyone, even the one who initiated the divorce and decided to put an end to marriage. The Plano family attorney is well aware of the fact that aside from your immediate family, a divorce could have a serious impact on the lives of your friends and relatives as well.

While it is not part of your job description to take care of your friends, keeping them part of your life is important and therefore you should take pains in informing them about your divorce plans and keep them updated about it. Remember, people lose friendships in divorces and even the best of friends get alienated in certain cases.  

While your friends may already know about the problems you are having with your spouse, they may still be surprised to learn about any divorce proceedings you may be entering into. The Plano family attorney also explains that your friends, having known you for a long period of time, will have different reactions to your divorce, and some may even have extreme difficulty comprehending your decision and may give you a hard time in dealing with them.   

The fact that your friends have come to know you and your spouse together, it would take them a while to accept that you are already actually divorcing from that spouse whom they have grown to love the same way as they have loved you. This puts them in a spot where they would be at a loss on how to react to your news on divorce.  

The Plano family attorney can also add to this, in that your friends have grown to love both you and your spouse and they feel ripped over the fact that you and your spouse are finally calling it quits. There will come a point where your friends would choose between you or your spouse. This would of course put you in a very dire predicament in getting the danger of losing your worthy friends.

A key point to remember in order to preserve your friendships is never to show your dirty laundry in public. If you do this, they will not have much choice but to avoid you and your spouse altogether. It would be better to share your difficulties with persons whom you have been friends with more than being your friends as a couple. This way, your friends would lean towards staying with you during the divorce process.   

A very difficult situation, according to the Plano family attorney, would be for the couple to have an ugly divorce and try to win friends in the process. When you talk negatively about your spouse with friends, this would be a sure-fire way to alienating whatever few friends you have remaining. People, especially your friends would feel most uncomfortable when they hear unsavory remarks about your spouse directly from you. This is a clear turn-off for them.