Letter Sounds | Alphabet Song | Act Out The Alphabet | Phonics Song | Jack Hartmann

Letter Sounds | Alphabet Song | Act Out The Alphabet | Phonics Song | Jack Hartmann

Act Out the Alphabet is a fun upbeat letter sounds song. It’s one of my favorites because it engages children in creative active movement. I clear and accurately say each letter sounds and say a word that begins with that letter to act out.

Act Out the Alphabet aligns with the Common Core standard for Phonics, (ccss.ela-literacy.RF.K.3a). Demonstrating basic knowledge of one-to-one letter sound correspondences.

This letter sounds song is also excellent for basic alphabet recognition. As I say each letter we clearly show the upper and lower case letter for children to see. I demonstrate the motion for the action words so children can see how to move.

Your children will love singing and moving to this letter sounds song daily; helping them learn their letter sounds.

Teachers tell me it’s one of their favorites for developing phonological awareness and working on phonics skills.

Act Out The Alphabet
Move your body like a monster
Chomp your arms like a shark
Pump it up like a body builder
Take a bow like you’re a star
Here’s your chance to be an actor
Do your best
Act out the alphabet!
A says a a alligator, alligator
B says b b bounce, bounce
C says c c cold, cold
D says d d dive, dive
E says e e exercise, exercise
F says f f fishing, fishing
G says g g gooey, gooey
H says h h hula, hula
Act out more words
I says i i insect, insect
J says j j jiggle, jiggle
K says k k karate, karate
L says l l laugh, laugh
M says m m march, march
N says n n nod, nod
O says o o opera, opera
P says p p pull, pull
Let’s have more fun
Q says q q quiet, quiet
R says r r run, run
S says s s surf, surf
T says t t tickle, tickle
U says u u under, under
V says v v vibrate, vibrate
W says w w wag, wag
X says x x like in box, like in box
Y says y y yawn, yawn
Z says z z zig-zag, zig-zag
Today we’ve had some fun acting – you did your best to act out the alphabet!

Act Out the Alphabet (letter sounds song) is on my album:
Rockin’ reading Songs.


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