Less Known Places In Spain

.tags Beautiful Cities You probably know that Spain is a very popular country. Millions of tourists are attracted by it every year, so deciding to explore and discover it are two of the reasons why they go to Spain. The charm, the uniqueness, and the beauty are the features that characterize this terrain so blessed by Gods from many points of view. Bullfighting, flamenco, delicious cuisine, imposing architecture, they all form the group of attractions that drive people towards Spain. Although many things are known about the country, there are a few that not anyone knows about, and it is a pity. These are some hidden parts of the country, parts that always impress the tourists when discovered by them. A lot of cities are less known by people, but are so beautiful that it is a loss not to visit them. The mudejar cities are some of them: Daroca, Tarazona, Teruel. They are special because they are very representative for the mudejar architectural style, the style that combines Moorish architecture with Roman architecture; two different cultures that had a great impact upon the territory of Spain. The “pueblos blancos,” the villages in which white dominates the landscape, the views, everything, are also very inviting. Their appearance is special, you won’t find another place in the world that looks like the pueblos blancos. Rural Spain The cities are not the only places where tourists can go when they visit Spain. These cities are connected by what is known as rural Spain; landscapes that contain mountains, valleys, long beaches along the coasts of the seas that bathe the Spanish shore, high hills dominated by the color of blood, infinite olive groves, and fruits orchards. They form a color palette that will invite you to spend more time in these places. You will love the country, with everything that it has to offer. A Country For Any Taste Whether you are an active person who loves to travel, who loves the life that wakes at night; or a more calm one, who prefers the silence and the tranquility that you can experience in a Spanish museum or the one in a natural park, you will find a place to love in this country. Families, friends, and lovers all enjoy the experience they have when visiting this place. Just try it and you will dream about going back there, at least one more time.