Leo Trader Pro Review >> The First Ever Neural Networks Automated Forex Robot in the Forex Trading History


The hot new Leo Trader Pro is setting out to revolutionize the automated forex trading robots industry. It uses a brand new concept tagged as Automated FX Neural Networks. The concept is based on real live updated forex robots that can help you trade your account profitably. The concept is based on the fact that trading robots are designed based on a set of rules applicable to present trading indices. After a short while, the dynamic nature of the market renders the robot ineffective. With Leo Trader Pro they are set to resolve that problem. The developers of this concept seem very confident of their product as they are offering some unique forms of proofs they tag as “Proving the Proof.”

What is Leo Trader Pro?

The exact meaning of LTP can be defined with this equation:

Forex + Account Investor Password + Over 100% Profit = Leo Trader Pro

How Leo Trader Pro Works?

Simply put, Leo Trader Pro is offering forex traders an automated trading solution that will ensure 100% profits per month. With the system you get to use the Leo Trader Pro certified Automated FX Neural Nets. This is a complex system of Neural Network, which are trained and adapted daily to suit the present market conditions. An outstanding feature of this package is the proofs being offered. Leo Trader Pro is for the very first time offering real live proof; a password access to a live brokerage account that has been in trade for over five months. There is also a video presentation of the CEO of the brokerage firm verifying that the account is real.

What result Leo Trader Pro will deliver

Leo Trader Pro claim to offer 100% monthly profits is really not new. A number of automated trading robots make similar or even higher claims. However, none of them claims to use real live updated neural network bots. The fact that Leo Trader Pro’s Automated FX Neural Networks system is updated daily to suit extant market conditions is one of its most attractive features. For those who are still skeptical, a password access to a live trade account may just convince them. The account was opened in August 2010 with $ 500 and after five month is worth almost $ 3,000. The system averages about two trades daily and trades on complete auto.


Leo Trader Pro is a first of its kind. The system will surely change the way automated trading systems are developed and sold. Many experts are already saying this will have a huge impact. The set of proofs provided are quite reassuring and the fact that a video recording of some live offline meetings with real traders at the International Traders Expo in Las Vegas gives Leo Trader Pro and offline presence and credibility.