Lenovo X100e Review

{flickr|100|campaign} The original affordable ThinkPad ultraportable computer has arrived. The ThinkPad X100e can be an 11-inch laptop computer packed owning a low-voltage AMD processor, potent ATI integrated graphics, and between probably the most effective keyboards we’ve examined on an ultraportable laptop. Is this a great companion for street warriors? hold a start looking at our evaluation to locate out.

You know the sensation pursuing you’ve experienced a superb food as well as you just can’t wait around to go back again and for more? That’s the only way we know the best way to describe our feelings concerning the spill-resistant, chiclet keyboard concerning the X100e (which will very likely be considered a comparable as that concerning the borders 13). The black, matte curved keys Lenovo calls them “keycaped” really feel as though they’ve been molded specifically for our finger tips, moreover to the whole panel is void of any flex or bounce. even although the purpose buttons have been completely shrunken down, there are two complete sized Shift keys and we didn’t should make any adjustments to our common hand positioning when typing this review.

Like most Lenovo ThinkPads you’ll certainly not be at a burning for navigation options there’s the signature red-colored TrackPoint within of the center using the keyboard with one another with a scaled-down touchpad below. We’re pointing stick people, however the touchpad is decently sized, although its multitouch skills are finicky. reality is we’ve navigated and typed on the large amount of netbooks and small computers, and there’s no doubt within our minds the fact that knowing concerning the X100e will very likely be the best using the game.

Unsurprisingly, we choose the X100e’s matte 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768-resolution display to that of 10-inch netbook displays. it absolutely was sufficiently brilliant when we watched an 1080p Alice In Wonderland clip, but when we tilted the display back again colours experienced been fast to fade. Horizontal viewing angles experienced been also narrow, but experienced been satisfactory for sharing the display owning a family people member. Like concerning the borders 13, above the show is recognised like a low-light webcam, which displayed our cope with relatively obviously through a movement image telephone call within of a dim room. You listen to that? It’s the appear of Chatrouletters rejoicing! The speakers situated concerning the top lip using the computer create decently loud appear for just about any method this size, although Lady Gaga’s phone sounded relatively tinny at complete blast.

Build and Design
If there is recognised like just one computer producer name that is synonymous with institution it has for getting ThinkPad. amazingly dependable create quality, superb keyboards, reliability TrackPoints (that red-colored dot within of the center using the keyboard) and fabulous ensure help have been completely the cornerstones using the ThinkPad legacy steering every one of the way in which back again in the direction of the times when IBM nonetheless owned and operated the brand. The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e goes on this tradition with between probably the most effective built ultraportable notebooks we’ve witnessed within our office.

As it currently stands, the ThinkPad X100e is recognised like a surprisingly dependable small netbook (Yes, I recognised since it a netbook. Sorry, Lenovo.) that could have been completely fabulous if it shipped just merely a tiny extra in conditions of proficiency and battery life. This configuration falls just merely a tiny short of earning our Editor’s choice Award, but we nonetheless think it will very likely be considered a selected choice for just about any amount of institution buyers.