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.tags 2010 5 11 morning, Lenovo will be held strategy Lenovo & China Unicom Cooperation Music Phone listing cum start conference. The conference will reveal the closely watched price information Music Phone listing. As Lenovo Group and China Unicom’s a strategic product, Music Phone listing will be mainly open carrier contract pricing to sell, the press conference will be on Music Phone Lenovo plan to do the contract details. Ten innovations

Before listing, Lenovo Music Phone users on the already established a good reputation, Music Phone made this achievement stems from their breakthrough product innovation, especially for the bold innovation and user experience make it more suitable for China users. A bold transformation of the Android platform, to excel the predecessors. Here are the ten most important innovations Music Phone:

1, built-in Realplayer Lenovo early and had co-Real Corporation, prior to Video Mobile i6 is a masterpiece, you can directly play RM / RMVB video, but the smaller user groups.

The Real Series video format supported by most of the Android phone is currently not available, RM / RMVB video files as high-resolution small proportion of the domestic transmission network significantly. Phone is now built into RealPlayer music player, RM / RMVB video to smooth playback, playback of RMVB 600MB 720P resolution video, very smooth.

2, convenient built-in management tools General Android mobile phone users to buy the first thing after the installation of the “Task Manager, File Manager, software uninstall tool, backup and recovery” and other third-party software, some software also costs a whole with even skilled some time. Music Phone is now built into the four major system tools to manage them easily.

3, localization of software store model
Software store is now very popular, but the pay has been a difficult problem to pay the three aspects most in need of “safe, convenient and user trust.” Lenovo introduced in Lok Phone “software store + Alipay model” is definitely a great innovation, Web store and pay the treasure at the same time are two separate products, the former has a lot of free software, which can also be used to pay for phone fees, payments, etc., but by “association ID” binding, you can shop directly through the payment of Polaris Software paid.

4, Widget push service Mobile Widget design the most successful is the HTC’s TouchFLO / Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz, is now built-in Music Phone Widget discerned, one in form, has its own beautiful UI. The second is content, including the “music, video, news, stocks, e-mail”, etc. The most common network information, and have push services.

5, Mirror navigation keys Although a small button, but you can see the designer’s efforts, the products in the Lenovo Thinkpad brand notebooks only difficulties would be afraid of such a motive was. Mirror navigation button is a button located on the right side of the fuselage, first I thought it was a key to start the navigation, was introduced to the Lenovo engineers only know that it is used to assist browsing. When you open a big page, hold down the button, you can tilt up and down left and right phone, gravity sensor to move through the pages.

6, system updates / input

Android system is a player-based system, which does not require much skill to play machine.