Learning More About Christian Wilderness Programs


In many families, religion plays a large part in everyday life. Many parents put a focus on bible-based values and way of living. A Christian wilderness program uses the wilderness therapy model and combines everything that it offers with Bible-based Christian philosophies in order to help troubled teens.

If some parents would prefer to put their children through secular programs, others prefer to send them to places that offer christian wilderness programs in order to have a good balance.

The main difference between traditional wilderness camps and Christian wilderness programs is that the latter focuses on religious teachings and not just therapy. It’s not entirely a Bible camp but it uses the teachings in the Bible to help teens make better life choices and gain a better self-image.

In most Christian wilderness programs, parents do play an active role and as such, it’s not unlikely to see parents that stay in the camp grounds as well for a short period of time. Some programs include some parent participation in order for the children to benefit from their input and cooperation. In most cases, troubled children find a certain degree of reassurance, knowing that their parents are there to help them out at least for part of their stay there.

Like traditional wilderness camps, Christian wilderness programs are set in a beautiful natural environment. There’s a lot of emphasis on outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rafting, rock climbing, nature walks, and the likes. With the help and encouragement of camp staff, even the most socially awkward children learn how to make friends and work with them on camp activities. Combined with Christian teachings, these activities make the stay of children in such programs become a life-changing and a very rewarding experience.

Christian wilderness programs are also careful to hire staff members who are also Christians. The therapy models being used in camp all have a sound scientific basis, but are underpinned with Biblical teachings.

It’s a great option for parents who want their children to grow in their faith and Christian walk while overcoming their challenges. Therapeutic activities are balanced out with prayer time, counseling, and bible study in order to achieve this. Christian wilderness programs believe that the teachings of Jesus, combined with traditional therapy programs can make a big difference in helping teens make better choices and live life with more positivity.

Parents’ supports are truly needed in order for therapy models like this to fully work. It also takes parents who take their faith seriously in order to consider this kind of option for their children. Christian wilderness camp has a lot to offer teens who want to turn their lives around. It also has an excellent record of helping parents understand how to help their children out once it’s time for them to come home. Since many parents work closely with camp staff throughout the stay of their child at wilderness camp, they’ll be more equipped to help their children when camp is over.