Learning About Lpn Programs In Ct

.tags In today’s wide range of unemployment, throughout the nation, there is one field that is still hiring and looking for new people. That is the nursing field. People who are ill require the assistance of a trained personnel, regardless of what the economic situation is. This is true in Connecticut, as elsewhere in the nation. As a result there are excellent lpn programs in CT.

Connecticut has one of the most regulated LPN programs in the nation. There are only ten state technical high schools and three private schools in the entire state that offer this program. All of these institutions require a high school diploma or GED, an interview and an entrance examination prior to being accepted in the training program. There is the added benefit of online lpn programs that offer LPN Online Practice Tests, Study Questions, Exam Quiz’s and Study Tips. Also, my site offers a list of accredited lpn schools especially for lpn programs in CT.

Federal law requires each state to have accredited licensed practical nurse training programs. The Board of Examiners for Nursing, under the direction of the Department of Public health, is in charge of approving the LPN programs that are in use throughout the state. When a person completes this program, in Connecticut, they are thoroughly trained and able to perform the duties the job requires with no problems.

The cost of the program varies, with the public Technical High Schools being around $ 10,200. Private school charge more and students have access to financial aid. Connecticut does not accept LPN license transfers from other states but will accept endorsement applications from them. This is a process whereby their theory and clinical hours must be checked, a state examination taken and they must pass a criminal history background check.

Each student must complete the state-approved LPN CT program, pass the national NCLEX-PN examination and have a clear criminal history. The program includes classroom learning and clinical training and is for a full academic year. In addition the required NCLEX-PN examination requires a score of 80% or higher. A person who has taken the exam is allowed to work, under supervision, for a period of up to 90 days while awaiting the results.

Classroom studies include such things as adult, pediatric and maternity nursing as well as mental health, psychology, pharmacology and physical sciences. The clinical training is carried out in a medical facility under licensed nurse supervision. They receive experiences in all areas which they may encounter after graduation.

As a licensed Connecticut LPN the field is wide open as to where one wishes to work. With the high demand for these services, it could be in a nursing home, a doctor’s office, a hospital, home care or other places. Duties might be doing basic testing, administering medication, giving shots or numerous other things.

In addition, one can choose the area in which they feel most comfortable. This might be in pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry or any of the numerous fields that require educated personnel to care for patients. The tools and skills learned open a world of opportunities for those who complete this program. Statistics show there will be a continuing demand for trained people in the medical arena as people age.