Learn What a Market Research Manager Does


Is conducting research on various subjects something you are interested in? Would you like to know what a market research manager does? I have worked in the market research industry and I possess ideas of my own pertaining to what the typical market research manager does in his or her line of work. This article covers the career profile of the average research manager.

A manager is somebody who handles or possesses an influence on something or other people. As a consumer, you can occasionally be a research manager. When you participate in a survey, focus group study or clinical trial to shape how products are developed and services are carried out, you are managing research that carries an important impact on consumers and businesses. Every time you complete a study, you can congratulate yourself and say, “Hey! I was a market research manager in my own way today.”

Plenty of corporations hire research managers to directly help them increase their business success. These researchers study consumer behavior and attempt to learn what characteristics in products consumers are looking for, what it will take to influence them to make a purchase, how much they are willing to pay for products and services, etc. Over ten years ago, I worked as a window display demonstrator and then a window display trainer for new hires through a business that sold magnetic windows that went on the inside of homeowners’ windows to provide insulation. In addition to having demonstrators, our organization had appointment confirmers, window salespeople, window manufacturers and market researchers. The researchers helped us learn how to market our product and what influences customers to make a purchase.

Did you know you are able to be a research manager by working as a telephone interviewer? When I worked for a market research firm over ten years ago, I interviewed various respondents such as farmers and veterinarians over the telephone. As I asked them questions pertaining to the crops they harvested or the flea control and heart worm prevention products they administered to dogs or cats, I recorded their responses on a paper form or computer screen. I was responsible for thoroughly getting all of the necessary information before turning the surveys in to the management team.

Another type of market research manager is a project manager. When I worked as a telephone interviewer, there were project managers who were in charge of some of the surveys we conducted. They had to put together survey forms according to how clients wanted information pertaining to their research to be gathered and they made sure we did everything properly – they even helped our supervisors give us briefings when new surveys came out.

You have learned what a market research manager does.