Learn French in Rapid Time


Paris beckons and you don’t want to go there and just pose for pictures at the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, looking like a tourist who can’t even read out an order in a restaurant.

If you speak the language, your vacation in France or any place where this ‘romance language’ is spoken – Belgium, Canada (in Quebec), Switzerland, Monaco, Seychelles, and 22 other countries – will be worth every penny.

Learning a new tongue is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can learn it faster than an actor can memorize his lines in a stage play. Innovation in language learning methodology has made it possible to learn a language effectively and conveniently in a short period and at a much lesser cost.

You don’t have to be linguistically smart to engage in the learning program. Any average fellow – student, businessperson, retiree or just a lonely soul looking for love in a charming francophone place – can learn French in rapid time.

To jumpstart the process, all you have to do is use the internet. The approach is engaging and has been proven effective by learners the world over. No classroom, no stick-wielding teacher, no class schedule to follow. You can, in fact, learn French while you’re doing something else.

We are talking about accelerating the learning process and indeed learning the language through the internet has become the most preferred option by people who just don’t have the time and inclination to read books or study it with a personal tutor.

Online options vary, from mere tutorials (such as those done through Skype) to downloadable instructional software. Some of these ‘downloadables’ contain audio, videos and comprehensive games – a big leap from the old classroom method of having students memorize the conjugation of verbs and letting them do chalkboard exercises.

Among these programs, Pimsleur’s is a favorite. With the approach developed by renowned language learning expert Dr. Paul Pimsleur, you will be able to speak French first before you know how to conjugate the verbs. A 30-minute unabridged language instruction will teach you French grammar and another 40-minute audio file will improve your vocabulary.

Americans and Britons prefer the Pimsleur approach above other programs. They don’t have to read any textbook as they are taught conversational French with effective guidelines and lessons to practice. Aside from that, the method itself poses no hassles in your part: no plane tickets, no French dictionaries and no conflicting timetables.

Using your internet-connected computer, you can pay to download the complete course or just one set at a time. Then you can load the program into your iPod, smart phone or pocket PC, learning the language in your own pace and convenience. You can even burn the program in CDs, DVD or Blu-Ray disk. You can listen to the program while you’re commuting to and from work, soaked in a tub, doing the laundry or some other chores.

The best way to learn French, of course, is to live in any French speaking community for months or years and keep constant conversations with the locals. That’s not just time-consuming but also really expensive.