Learn English with fun at English Schools, Ireland


So many people admire the rich Irish brogue. The way local people speak English can be quite pleasing to the ears. Daily usage of the language incorporates expressions drawn from centuries old traditions and from current lifestyles. If one learns English in such an environment, one stands to gain infinitely more than when one learns in local institutes with non-native English speaking tutors who have only a passing acquaintance with the English way of life. A student desirous of becoming proficient in English, a professional  who  wishes to further his career prospects globally, interested people wishing to acquire English language skills  for better  communication, can all benefit by considering English Schools Ireland.

Dublin, Cork, Bray, Galway and Belfast  have some excellent institutions with the  right  affiliations, and infrastructure with a focus on teaching English right from the beginner level to the highest level that enables students to surpass even native  speakers in their  level of proficiency. Each location has its advantages and you can choose one to suit your preferences. For instance, Dublin and Belfast are modern cities while Bray and Galway are comparatively smaller and quieter places. However, there is no difference to the quality of education. From the way these institutions go out of their way to assist would be students enroll, obtain visa, accommodation and in the way their interests are safeguarded through various insurance and assistance schemes, it is obvious they care from a wider perspective.

English schools in Ireland, regardless of which city they are located in, are all superbly equipped, native English-speaking tutors forming the core, with advanced classrooms, multimedia learning support, computer-equipped labs with wi-fi, webcam and internet and a cafeteria for students.  Learning is at the classroom level, in multimedia equipped language labs and then on the streets in real-life environments. It is more a hands-on, practical method rather than one that relies on books alone, enriching the knowledge of students from various angles. After classes, students can explore the streets and life of Belfast and Dublin or if they are in Bray or Cork, the quiet of the seashore and the scenic beauties of the place. Visits to local pubs and farms, interactions with the people and an understanding of the culture all lead to a better understanding of the finer points of the nuances of English.

Students can choose the course they are comfortable with: a crash course for those short of time and a relaxed and extended course right up to the highest level for those with time and inclination. Budgets and fees are flexible and students find it convenient to pursue the course to suit their needs. English schools, Ireland have special classes for people over 50 who wish to learn English in Ireland.