Learn Email Marketing- Your Pathway To Profits

.tags Odds are that if you are looking at this page, you are probably on tens, if not hundreds of email marketing lists right now. If you are looking to learn email marketing, it is probably wise to think of this fact and ask yourself exactly, ‘how did I get on those lists’? Chances are, for the most of the emails you get, you may not know. But think of the top 5 emails you get regularly that are from commercial interests(not personal). How did they come to be emailing you? How did they capture your email address in the first place?

Thinking about this question undoubtedly lead you to the first thing you need to know about email marketing. That is, you need a list of emails to market to. Thus, most of email marketing is really about list building and how you can accomplish this effectively.

Now, I can say with almost certainly say that every email that I asked you to think about in the paragraph above, you receive because you currently, or in the past, perceived some type of value in what was being offered. Whether it was an excellent product on Amazon, or SEO training, or software, at one point, you perceived value and voluntarily gave up your email address in exchange for more information. And, for whatever reason, you have never unsubscribed from that list. The same is applicable with outbound email marketing. You must make a aggressive play to your potential subscriber and give them a reason to care about you. That reason to care about you will somehow fill their need, not yours.

It is this crucial fact that many email marketers miss out on when they first attempt to build a list. The days when people will willingly put in an email address for just about anything are over. You need to provide something of value or perceived value to your traffic in exchange for their email address. Note to all of you who are still learning…”something of value” is not a newsletter. No one needs to see another newsletter in their email inbox. Sorry…that is yesterday’s tactic that just plain doesn’t work anymore unless you are a well-established celebrity or web brand.

Some marketers will call this “bait” because you are tempting people into entering their email address. No matter what you call it, you need to think long and hard about what this enticement will be, because without it, it is very hard to build a list. In order to know what will make people opt-in to your list, you will need to understand and test your market fully and understand exactly what is important to them, and why they are visiting your site in the first place. Only then can you be successful in offering something of value to in exchange for their email.

As you can see, there is a fair amount that goes into learning email marketing, but once you build a successful list, it can be a very powerful thing indeed. If you want more detail on how to effectively research your market, build your list and understand the “get started” plan for email marketing as an affiliate, click the link below.