Learn Email Marketing – The Details That Get Results

.tags If you are searching for a way to learn email marketing, the most important thing to think about before you start is why? What is it that you want the end result of your campaign to be? Is your main goal to raise awareness of your brand? Drive Sales? Do you want to drive your subscribers to a specific action, such as signing an online petition or registering for a website? Or do just want to provide information for your subscriber base as a way to connect with them and keep them involved or interested? These are the sorts of questions that may seem obvious, but that many email marketers don’t think about before beginning a campaign. Many just reflexively begin shooting out emails, and only later begin to think of what they are using the campaign for. Knowing the end goal of the campaign is important, as it will help when you are putting your campaign together

The important point to remember as you begin to construct your campaign is that email marketing allows you an opportunity to develop a long term relationship with your subscribers over an extended period of time, thus maximizing the chances that your messages will get through at some point. Like any long term relationship, you start slow and build over time. However, it is also important to remember that your messages must be relevant to your audience, so you need to understand who they are, what they are interested in, and what motivated them to sign up for your subscriber list in the first place.

Once you have decided what the purpose of your email marketing campaign is, you need a plan, a set of actionable steps, that will allow you to begin your campaign. Chief among these is deciding how you are going to collect emails. If you currently have a website that is receiving traffic, this may be as easy as putting up an “opt-in” form on a page to collect emails from your traffic. However, it rarely is that easy, mainly because almost everyone is asking for emails, and people are cautious about giving them out. In this case you may need to offer an incentive of perceived value for free in exchange for a subscribers email address. You will want to have a compelling “freebie” to collect emails, as this will keep fresh subscribers coming on to replace the ones that you will lose over time. Whatever you do, do not spam your subscribers with repeated offers unless you plan on replacing at least 50% of them every month.

At the same time you begin collecting emails, you will immediately want to sign up for an autoresponder service that allows you to reply and send out emails as predetermined intervals. Autorepsonder services such as Aweber also allow you to custom design an opt-in form that you can easily place on your site to collect email and measure how effective your email campaign is through statistical reporting.

In conjunction with your email responder, you will want to craft your email sequence in such a way as to be conversational, interesting and relevant to your subscribers. They subscribed to your list for a reason, so remember to keep your messages relevant to that reason, or risk having a lot of ‘unsubscribes’ from your list.

So, there are some tips to help you learn email marketing. Of course, there are a lot more specific details that you will need to know before you launch your first campaign. To get more free information and step by step training, click the link below for more free info and training.