Leading headlines for VW Cars This December


Here are the latest happenings in VW land. It’s been a great couple of weeks for the iconic brand with the debut of new VW cars and huge celebrity endorsements. It looks as though things are only going to get better as the new year rolls in.

New VW Eos makes stunning debut at LA Auto Show

The new Eos model got the top model endorsement of our dreams at the LA Auto Show! Heidi Klum joined VW on the showroom floor at the Show to show off the new Volkswagen Eos model. This sleek and sophisticated new version of the Eos model was incredibly well received and boasts a makeover of the front, bumper, rear and wings. It also offers an individual selection of engines depending whether it is being sold to the US or European market.  It is also the only folding roof cabriolet with both an integrated tilt and a slide sunroof for all of you undecided sun worshippers out there. It’s on sale next February and as you can imagine, we are very excited!

The new 2012 VW Beetle names as one of Oprah’s Favourite things!

That’s not all with the huge celebrity endorsements, just when we thought things couldn’t get any better than Heidi Klum, along comes Oprah! The new Volkswagen Beetle coming out for 2012 has been named as Oprah’s favourite thing on her last ever “my favourite things show”. Volkswagen hadn’t even released a photo of the exciting new design but proved their skill at tantalising car enthusiasts by only releasing a silhouette of it which has been making a huge buzz online. We love the silhouette alone and know this latest model is going to be brilliant.

VW pick up in-flight wi-fi tab for winners

VW know that people will be travelling far and wide to get to their loved ones this Christmas, so partnered up with American Airlines to offer free in-flight wi-fi to the first 2,500 people to view their video of the new Jetta 2011. The video, which is on the GOGO log in page proved very popular. The offer ran for a week only and was hugely popular with browsers.  So to the winners…enjoy and merry Christmas!