Lead Generation Budgets

{flickr|100|campaign} When you are working on tight budgets, you might as well pull up your sleeves and make the most of what you have. That is the attitude of call center units in the recent times. The funds offered by clients for lead generation have shrunk in volume because of financial constraints. At the same time, the clients are working out different strategies to optimize the use of these funds for maximum mileage in sales lead generation. Its not easy to curtail or streamline certain processes in call center services. You have to follow certain protocol and move in a definite way. In this article lets take a look at how BPO units can work on their budgets.

The first item that can save you money at lead generation is planning on the database. Databases are often not cleaned. Call centers pass the database to the outbound call center department that starts working on them. They start making telemarketing calls without verifying if the persons on the database fall in their target demographics. If the client wants to target only housewives for a certain product campaign, theres no point in calling teenagers! The managers and data analysts at the BPO unit can help in cleansing the data. Once they have removed the unnecessary items from the database, the telemarketing services team can start calling. This process removes additional expenditures at the very onset of the process.

Item number 2 on the agenda is working out how the call center can set targets. BPO agents working on generating leads have to keep certain targets in mind and meet them on a daily basis. That is the general rule. But some call centers set such unrealistic targets that the agents working on them soon lose interest. They are convinced that they will fail to meet the expectations. Worse still, they know that the management is aware of that, too. This does nothing to push the outbound call center team to work harder. The trick is to keep targets that are achievable only through dedicated work. Then only a few of them can meet those targets. The others will keep trying to belong to that elite group. As a consequence, the entire team will be working more than they think. Its the right way of motivating them to push the pedal down on the floor.

The third point is definitely the question of offering incentives to the lead generation agents. One may argue that it comes down to the expenditure side of the ledger. But that thought is only apparent. When call center agents are offered handsome incentives, it urges them to go harder towards achieving their goals. Incentives are necessary because nothing motivates them better. When you are investing money in perks and incentives, you can actually making sure that you are reaping better crops. Technically speaking, incentives actually add to the revenue earnings rather than take away from it. When your sales lead generation agents complete their work before schedule, it does reflect well on the call center itself. Clients are impressed by proactive work done for the benefit of their business.