Las Vegas Things to Do: 7 Reasons Why You Should Take a Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour



Las Vegas visitor looking for a fun and cheap trip to the Grand Canyon? Go on a Skywalk-West Rim bus tour. These tours promise good times and are light on the pocket book. Got your interest now? Here’s seven more reasons why the West Rim bus needs to one of your Vegas must-do’s:

1. You’re able to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. You can’t miss them en route to the rim. Most trips include a photo stop on the Arizona side of the dam. Drive across the incredible Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge.

2. Do the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The world-famous “glass bridge” hangs 70 feet beyond the edge and suspends you 4,000 above the Colorado River. Breathtaking views. Described by many as “gravity defying.”

3. Go on a helicopter ride to the bottom. The West Rim is the only place where you can do this. The distance from rim to bottom is 4,000 feet. Deplane and enjoy a Champagne toast. Includes plenty of time to investigate the ancient surroundings and some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet.

4. Go Grand Canyon river rafting on the Colorado River. This is a smooth-water float trip (no rapids) on a pontoon boat. Puts you face to face with the force that continues to carve the canyon. Remember to bring (or wear) a bating suit. A quick swim is encouraged.

5. See an real Indian pueblo. Walking tours are available and are led by members of the Hualapai Indians, the tribe that owns the land that includes Grand Canyon West. This tour takes you among tribal dwellings like ceremonial huts, tee pees, and an outdoor amphitheater. Browse the Hualapai Market for handicrafts.

6. Luxury buses are paragons of comfort. Today’s motor coaches include huge cabins, over-sized windows, VCR’s, and pre-recorded trip narrations in multiple languages. Bathrooms are clean. Seats are plush. Plenty of legroom. And the bathrooms are extraordinarily clean.

7. It’s cheap. Basic tours start at $ 94. This fare includes full access to Grand Canyon West. See Guano Point, Eagle Point, Indian Village, the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, and much more. If you want to do the Skywalk, or think you want to do it, I recommend you book a tour that includes tickets to it.

The West Rim is a mere 120 miles east of Vegas. Luxury buses make the trip in 2.5 hours. Tours include a quick breakfast and a barbecue lunch. Expect to spend a minimum of half a day on these trips, longer if you upgrade to include a helicopter ride or pontoon boat float trip. Always make advance reservations. One or two weeks before you touch down in Las Vegas is cutting it close.

I strongly suggest you book online. I’ve seen prices cut by up to 35%. Consider buying direct from tour operators. I do and I’ve never had an issue with my bookings. Make sure to print out your trip confirmation email and take it with you to Vegas.

These are just seven reasons why I propose taking a Grand Canyon bus tour to Skywalk Grand Canyon. But the bottom line is this: If you come out to Vegas, you’ve got to do the canyon. The proximity alone makes it a nearly mandatory visit. Plus, the best place to witness this magical land is only a 2.5-hour bus trip away! So climb aboard. It’s time to enjoy this incredible outdoor attraction.