Las Vegas Entertainment

.tags Las Vegas has long been known as a hotbed of entertainment activities, a place that almost does not seem real, as if the vacation were a dream. The renowned Vegas strip never sleeps, making the scene that is bustling and busy by day become mystical and magical by night. The entertainment is iconic, offering something for everyone at almost any hour of the day or night.

Tourism is the foundation of the thriving desert city. To bring and keep bringing tourists from all over the country and worldwide as well, Las Vegas entertainment offers such a vast array of options that there truly must be something for everyone. A vacation to Vegas brings glittery shows and glitzy nightclubs to circus acts and midway games and, of course, the casinos. The shows range from musicals to magic, from divas to crooners while the theme park rides and heart-stopping daredevil performances offer thrills and chills. There are fun things a family with children can find to do, but it is important to remember that Las Vegas is first and foremost an adult playground.

While the famed Las Vegas strip is where all kinds of magical and mind-blowing sights can be found, there are also plenty of lower-key places around the city such as restaurants and night clubs where relaxing away from the heartbeat of the city is the goal. The entertainment does not forget those who wish to break from the loud party scene. There are numerous restaurants offering nearly endless options in cuisine style. Tastes can be indulged, ranging from exotic hors d’oeuvres and entrees never heard of before to traditional appetizers and familiar comfort foods.

Las Vegas, Nevada is the desert and the weather temperatures reflect just that with summer day time temperature numbers soaring. This time of year brings about cheaper hotel prices, as citizens try to draw tourists in despite the scorching heat. Climate control at the casinos, hotels and Las Vegas entertainment venues is a perfected art. Once there, comfort is assured during those heated daytime hours. The evening temperatures typically drop to the mid-seventies as dark gathers and the lights take over. The winter season brings daytime temperatures in the 50s and low 60s with nights dipping to the 30s. There is, however, very little snow in this area. While Vegas does not experience spring or fall type weather, those are the best months to visit this city.