Las Vegas Attractions and Places



The Bellagio Hotel is one of the places you must experience on a trip to Las Vegas. It is one of only two certified five diamond hotels in the city, and everything inside the towering structure is both grandiose and spectacular. A massive ceiling skylight lets natural light into the entry way, and fountains, glass sculptures, and fine art are found around every corner.

One of the major attractions of the Las Vegas is the High Roller where people can have a lot of fun and adventure in their break time. At the Stratosphere Hotel, The High Roller is known for its 909 foot high roller coaster. Because of this amazing height, this is the highest roller coaster in the whole world. That is why it is the major attraction of the Las Vegas.

The best place to see concerts in Vegas is without a doubt at the MGM Grand Garden arena, though the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay is a very close second. In fact, the House of Blues has a vociferous fan base that swears it’s much better than the Grand. The House of Blues features attractions that just aren’t going to make it to the Grand, at least not yet. MGM gets the big names like U2 and the Eagles, while the House of Blues gets the really interesting bands like the Dropkick Murphys. Either way, both venues have played a role in making Vegas a top destination for currently popular acts.

As mentioned previously, there are many attractions and things to experience on the Las Vegas Strip. Most notably there are numerous hotels such as Caesar’s Palace Vegas in this area that cater to the cornucopia of foreigners who venture into this region. It should be noted that whilst Las Vegas may have a reputation that it only caters to the rich and famous, this is erroneous since this is a region that offers much to an entire diverse section of visitors whatever their budget.

Despite of having so many tourist attractions, Las Vegas is famous for its beauty and the life of the people. That is why this place is alluring many tourists to spend their time in their holidays.