Lake District Attractions Offer Something for the Whole Family


An attraction offers many different activities, experiences, educational and learning opportunities, laughs, entertainment and fun.

Animal attractions are the perfect draw for the whole family. Young and old can’t help to be excited by either seeing their favourite animal or animals they haven’t seen before. Animals are fun and can be extremely educational for children but adults too. Animal attractions offer have a wide variety of species some outdoor, some indoor with educational boards along the way. Often feeding times allow even more learning and talks.

A good attraction should offer indoor and outdoor activities as weather in the Lake District can be inclement at times to say the least! On top of main attraction such as an animal attraction, other outdoor activities are often offered such as sledges on rails, zip wire, Large and preschool climbing frames, swings, logged assault course area, Dyno cars, muddle bugs, roller racers and a large maze. These are usually included within the entrance ticket price.

A choice of indoor play activities is just as important. Indoor soft play areas are great for bad weather occasions and usually cater for children between 0 right up to 12 years. The Lake District offers a number of farm animal attractions, one even lets visitors watch sheep milking which is quite different. Sheep milk is both nutritious and delicious, having a rich, bland, slightly sweet taste. It is much higher in total solids than either cows or goats milk and contains up to twice as many of the minerals like calcium, phosphorus and zinc and the all important B group Vitamins.

Attractions in the Lake District are often in stunning settings such as riverside locations. Taking a walk along the river or a short walk up a feel can be a welcome break for Grandparents or older children.

A Lake District attraction wouldn’t be complete without a tearoom. Again, perfect whatever the weather and with the Lake District having so much quality produce, good home cooked food is always available.

Mementos from a visit to animal attractions and Lake District attractions are high on many children’s agendas. Gift shops are often Aladdin’s caves for visitors of all ages. Some Lake District attractions even have arts and crafts galleries. These are perfect for mums and dads or grandparents to look around. Cumbria and the Lake District have some super artists along with many potters and jewellery makers.  Such galleries and shops are great for picking up a special gift for someone or purely another memento of the visit.

So even though the Lake District is renowned for its walking, on the next family holiday, why not try a Lake District attraction.