Lagos is full of terrific attractions


Lagos is famous blend of more than 250 cultures and tribes. Most of the people of Lagos and Nigeria can speak and read English. These people are educated and well mannered and well cultured. They know how to treat the foreigners and visitors. Among other factors this factor is very important and special one and liked by the visitors of the world. People from every corner of the world book their cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air to enjoy the attractions and have a look at the huge amalgamation of cultures at one place.


Most of the travelers book their flights to Lagos from London to observe and experience the hot Savannah climate especially in winter season.  Lagos falls in the category of most liked and visited places on this Planet earth.  According to a survey this African region is most liked and visited place as far as the tourism is concerned.


Lagos is located along the coastal line of Atlantic Ocean. This makes Lagos the natural host of many stunning and beautiful beaches. There are many fabulous beaches with lush and lavish green sceneries, opulent landscapes and tremendous Islands. Lagos is surrounded by three main Islands like Bar Island, Lagos Island and Victoria Island. The most common and favourite beaches located at Lagos are like Eleko Beach, Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach, Akodo Beach, and Bar Beach etc which are very popular to hang out.


The beauty of Lagos is not only confined to beaches but there are other famous attractions and places to hangout at Lagos which pushes tourists of the world to book their flights to Lagos. Tarzan Boat club, Ikoyi club this is a golf club for the entertainment of tourists round the globe. Freedom Park on Broad Street opened in October 2010 to mark Nigeria’s 50th anniversary.Tafawa Balewa Square, The Apapa Amusement Park, Tarkwa Bay, the coastal town of Badagry. Black heritage museum and Synagogue Church. Your visit with out watching these places would be fruitless. Visit Lagos this summer and enjoy your trip with family and friends. I am sure once you pay visit to Lagos this visit will keep remind you to pay frequent visits to Lagos.