Know More About Shark Diving in South Africa


Being one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world, South Africa is known for the beauty of the myriad beaches, blue seas, mountains and the countryside. And Cape Town, Johannesburg and Sun City are the best places for your vacation. Besides, with the popular National Parks, you can enjoy wildlife safaris, wild beasts such as lion, giraffes, crocodile and deer amongst the few. Underwater diving to see the Great White Sharks is an unusual activity at Cape Town. For the Great Whites, the village of Gansbaai near Western Cape is the world’s most densely populated area.




So if you are planning a trip to South Africa then you should definitely include shark diving in your itinerary. However shark diving is not for the weak hearted. Once you dive under the sea you should enjoy the whole experience instead of panicking and telling the divers to take you up without seeing a single shark. You can go for shark diving at any time of the year but the best time to do this activity is during the winter months when the sharks come closer to the coasts to keep themselves warm.


In order to enroll for shark diving you can get in touch with local tour operators who have years of experience. They will provide you with the right kind of equipment such as diving suit, oxygen tanks and the shark diving cages. However you may have to fill in a form that in case of any mishap the tour operator will not be responsible. This is more of a formality because there have been no cases of injury and death during shark diving activities. So after you wear your gear, you have to jump in a cage that is half submerged in the sea. The instructor will join you and then the cage will be lowered down in the sea. The instructor will then leave some baits in the sea such as small fish or meat to draw the sharks closer to you.


And then within a few minutes you will see the monsters of the sea appearing from the deep blue sea to serve their palate. You will be amazed by the big size of these creatures while they snatch their males from the instructor’s hands. In case you are afraid of going underwater than you can go for the safer option of boarding a boat. But here you will see the sharks swimming by with their fins above the water and you will miss the experience of seeing the animal in totality. Also the tour operators will charge you the same amount of money whether you go for the cage option or the boat option. For a few more rands you can tell the diver to take your video so that he can record this unforgettable experience for you. You don’t need any certification to jump in the cage and the sharks don’t attack the cage.