Kitchens designed to please


The kitchen is the heart of many homes, with most of the family gathering in the kitchen to exchange daily news, do homework or eat dinner together in the evening. As kitchens are used for so many purposes and have to satisfy the requirements of all the family, it is essential that you take care when choosing your kitchen.

Creating the perfect kitchen for your home takes time and much consideration to ensure that you will have an area which serves its many purposes, whilst retaining its appearance. Kitchens are a large investment in the home and are required to last for a long period of time. If you purchase a quality kitchen you may be able to consider changing the kitchen doors and handles to give a fresh new look at a later date.

Kitchens have to be equipped to cook meals and store food, as well as having adequate preparation space. The larger, modern family kitchens tend to have a dining area that is suitable for all occasions from afternoon snacks to entertaining in style. With this in mind it is crucial to maximise all space available whilst maintaining appearance. Here at Wickes we offer a range of kitchens that you can take away and fit yourself, as well as a design service. You can also order one of our ‘to order’ kitchens, taking advantage of services offered, from designing and planning the perfect kitchen to installation.

Choosing a contemporary kitchen will offer many new space saving devices, allowing you to make the most of all the areas of your kitchen, including the walls and space between cupboards. There are shelves that will roll out of corner units, giving you access to more storage space than the traditional design. Shelves on walls will leave more of your surfaces free to use as preparation areas. A modern concept is the central island to use the available floor space in your kitchen. You can have a preparation area on an island in the centre of your kitchen, leaving the rest of the surfaces clear.

Your choice of materials will affect the appearance of your kitchen, especially over the years. Choose a work surface which is durable, easy to clean and will keep its appearance over many years. Kitchen appliances should be chosen carefully to ensure they serve their purpose for many years. Routine areas such as the sink unit are available in many materials and colours, but the style of your kitchen will dictate the material you choose. Stainless steel keeps its appearance for many years and is compatible with many styles of kitchen.

The flooring is a dilemma for many people when planning new kitchens as it has to be hard wearing to cope with all the traffic on a daily basis as well as being easy to clean and care for. There are many choices available for kitchens including laminate flooring and tiles, which are easily cleaned and will look good for a long period of time. At Wickes, we understand kitchens are the heart of the home and we can help you choose carefully to provide a haven for all the family.