Kinds Of Websites

{flickr|100|campaign} The increase of the number of internet users in 2005 resulted in the popularity of the use of websites for marketing and communications. Surveys show that there is already an estimate of 200 million websites in 2009, with the number of web hostnames reaching 47 million. These figures are still expected to rise in the coming years with the continuous advancement of internet technology.
People now consider the internet as a basic medium of communication. However, with the internets various functions, people are sometimes misled to visit sites offering information that is different from what they are searching for. Hence, it is important to identify the different kinds and types of websites.
Websites are categorized based on their function. Informational sites are those that provide pieces of information to the readers like online encyclopedia, dictionary and e-books. These sites allow a web surfer to search, read and browse through its tools and references but they cannot interact with the hosts and other site readers. On the other hand, application sites serve as a venue for entertainment, sales, marketing and interaction. Examples of these are online games, online forums, and auction websites.
Furthermore, there are websites that serve both of these functions. Websites of government agencies and other organizations do not just provide information to the readers but also allow them to leave messages to the host or web designer (Toronto). In e-commerce, businessmen also leave a space or section for customers requests, comments and suggestions. In addition, commercial sites, also known as brochureware sites, allow their market to purchase goods and services through their sales menu.
There are community sites that allow people to discuss various topics. For example, the website host and web designer (Toronto) post questions and articles about a certain issue, and leave room for debate and dialogue among its visitors. Apparently, this kind of website has already evolved into other forms, allowing users to post personal statuses, photos and videos. Nowadays, people commonly use the internet for interaction and socialization through websites more popularly known as social networking sites.
Information technology continues to develop as various web designer (Toronto) and web developers innovate ways in using the internet. With all these kinds of websites, it is important for one to know the type of website one is browsing in order not to be misled with the various information included therein.