Kindergarten Stories


Kindergarten stories are fun to hear and read and are eagerly looked forward to by most kindergarten children. Most children grow up hearing a lot of stories. Stories are a powerful influence on us. They can not only entertain and amuse but also educate and  motivate. This can be true for not just kindergarten stories but for other stories too. Many of us would have imbibed basic values and morals from a host of stories told to us during our childhood days by our parents (perhaps more often grandparents).

Story telling is an art, and a wonderful art. A good story teller can enthrall  the audience and transport them to a different world. Who can forget the fairy tales we heard in our childhood days, when we would be cast into a different world, an entirely different world of fairies and witches, of bears that could talk and houses one could eat, a world where good was all good and bad all bad. Many of the the kindergarten stories we heard are the stories our children still hear today. So many of those precious tales have survived for generations.

Reading out stories to kindergarten children can be very educative for them. There are an enormous number of illustrated picture books, that you can read out to,  and read along with your children. Apart from spending quality time with them, you can use the opportunity to teach them so many things. A kindergarten story book can be well used to re-inforce many of the kindergarten concepts learned. You can ask the child to point out to different letters of the alphabet, count out numbers (for example, count seven bears in the picture), ask which is bigger or smaller etc. However, bear in mind that it does not become like work, for the best learning takes place when you do not think you are learning.

In addition to this, perhaps one of the best gifts you can give your child is the love of reading and a love for books. One who has this love will never be lonely, for books are man’s best friends.

Click on the link below to read an illustrated story for children.