Kikkoman Introduced Top-level Japanese Visit The Shanghai World Expo Booth Material – Kikkoman Soy

.tags World-renowned Soy sauce Kikkoman brand will be the 2010 Shanghai World Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai World Expo), the museum opened in the Japanese industry expected Pavilion “Purple MURASAKI”. “Purple MURASAKI” will be guests from around the world well-known material from Japan Pavilion chefs authentic Kaiseki.

Here, guests can experience the superb cuisine chefs, taste seasonal ingredients, to enjoy traditional Japanese culture of “hospitality center” exquisite service. March 1 from the “Purple MURASAKI” to reserve ordering, the official website has opened over the same period. Expo Kikkoman hope a good opportunity for China and visitors from all over the world enjoy the highest level of Japanese cuisine, a taste of Japan Diet Wonderful culture.

“Purple MURASAKI” Shanghai World Expo in Japan Industry Hall 1st floor, five single rooms, is used in traditional Japanese architectural style embodies another and against the background of Shanghai World Expo, the new design. Single room through large windows, guests can see the glittering window of Shuiguang and bamboo shade dances. Feel the stretch in the space while enjoying “a Shuiguang fly-home, thousands of arbitrary pole bamboo shade shadow wall” of the new Japanese garden atmosphere. “Purple MURASAKI” all by appointment system, set course menu for one of every 3,000 ( Wine Water excluded). May -7 menu on the implementation of the summer, in August -10 fall on the implementation of the menu.

“Purple MURASAKI” Explorer Japanese Embassy in Washington by the former executive chef Food Mr. Kakizawa a consultant’s post. Dishes from “Japanese Society” recommended three well-known chefs as Distinguished material Pavilion. The three kiosks are expected to well-known Kyoto’s “Ju is well”, “Dan Bear North Store”, “? The third floor.” So far, there had been three well-known material has not yet Pavilion Cooperation Create a precedent for authentic Kaiseki cuisine can be said that Shanghai World Expo will provide an opportunity for such attempts and the stage. Material can taste the famous Japanese Pavilion by the powerful combination to create the highest level of Japanese cuisine, only known to the world during the 6-month Expo is indeed a rare opportunity.

In addition, the hospitality of the staff is also very elegant kimono worn with the Teijin Group, a new fabric developed by the bio-heat Plastic Kyoto traditional silk fibers and fabrics, “wrinkle silk Tango” interwoven. This not only take into account Environmental protection Further fusion of traditional Japanese culture, the latest fabrics, the “purple MURASAKI” exclusive first use.

As the top soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman Osaka in 1970, “Japan Expo” on the set had a unique “water restaurant”? “KikkomanAquaRestaurant”. The restaurant is colorful fish tank design for the parade features the design from the restaurant Decoration To the design of tank operations, and, most importantly, food and service, any way by the industry’s leading figures to play, to successfully build the Expo comparable with the excellent restaurant.

Current Shanghai World Expo, “Purple MURASAKI” is also dedicated efforts, the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside booth design and layout of materials from Japan are the most representative of designers and artists. The shop said, the guests here can not only enjoy the highest level of Japanese cuisine, but also enjoy the beautiful and elegant “and the type of space art,” the Shanghai World Expo will also hope the big stage, the purpose of cultural exchange with international food.