Keyword Research Tutorial: How to Find Profitable Keywords for Your Niche Website 2017

Keyword Research Tutorial: How to Find Profitable Keywords for Your Niche Website 2017

Let’s learn how to find profitable keywords for your Niche website by using up-to-date keyword research techniques used by the world’s best SEOs.

Keyword research is essential if you want to drive organic search traffic to your website.

Right now there are hundreds and even thousands of untapped, profitable keywords within your niche just waiting for you to find them.

In this keyword tutorial we are going to break down a step-by-step processes for finding profitable keywords for your niche website that will passively drive free traffic to your site.

Let’s find some gems!
Before getting too far into the guide we first want to discuss the overarching strategy behind keyword research.

First off, the steps we’re about to discuss should be repeated at two different stages of your niche site creation.

The first time through is meant to get content ideas for you to organize and plan out your content creation strategy and the structure of the website. This phase can be done before you even have a website.

Then, as you get to the content creation stage, I suggest repeating the process for each individual article your write, as you write it. This may make more sense after watching the on page optimization video but for now let’s move on.
Broad Keywords
A broad keyword can be seen as more of a category like baseball exercises. These terms will generally have a higher volume of searches associated with them, higher competition, and are not very descriptive of what the person searching is actually looking for.
Long-tail Keywords
A long-tail keyword on the other-hand, more closely represents natural language that a person would use when typing into Google. Notice when we type baseball exercises into Google, Google will then make suggestions on what you may be looking for. They suggest this phrasing because this is what is most commonly being searched for.

In this case, the keyword, best baseball exercises to throw harder would be a better term to target than the broad term baseball exercises.

This exact phrase will have less searches but will have less competition and you’ll know the intent of your reader so you can provide exceptional content for them.

Additionally, you still have the broad phrase in your keyword so over-time, as your page proves to be valuable, Google will increase your rankings in the broad keyword search results.

All this being said, always target the long-tail version of your broad keyword! This is how you will continually grow your site even in crowded markets.
The first step is to brainstorm all of the broad and subcategories that can be associated with your main keyword.

First, create a new Google sheet to list out your keywords.

Categorize your keywords similarly to how we displayed content in the on page seo course. Your broad keyword at the top

Try to capture as many topics you can possibly think of before moving onto the online research