Key Arena – Sports, Music and Shows All Under One Roof


A formidable multi-purpose venue in Seattle, Key Arena is the site of basketball, hockey and professional wrestling events. But going beyond athletics this destination is also used as venue for concerts, circuses and ice shows making it an absolute must on your travels through Seattle.

Key Arena’s origins date all the way back to 1962 when it was established as the Washington State Pavilion. It was initially the venue for the Seattle World’s Fair and the Century 21 Exposition. It was afterward remodeled as the Washington State Coliseum and became the home of the Seattle Supersonics. Notable music artists who have performed here include the Beatles and Elvis Presley while the 1974 NBA all star game was also here.

Since then, the arena has evolved with the passage of times and has maintained itself as modern venue for both sports and events alike. Key Arena is currently home to the Seattle Storm the WNBA and Seattle University men’s basketball team. It was also once the home of the Seattle Supersonics but ceased to be once the team was bought and relocated to Oklahoma City.

From the outside itself the stadium has quite a distinct appearance especially at night. The formation of the building is also unusual utilizing various shapes and design forms that gives off a chic, trendy new age look.

Whether you want to catch a thrilling basketball match, hard hitting hockey game, a pounding wrestling match, vibrant concert, Key Arena is the premier destination in Seattle.

When wanting to catch one of the many events that take place in Key Arena, travelers will find that a host of Seattle hotels are located in the affluent surrounding area. Regardless of your requirements visitors are sure to find an option that meets their requirements due to the large amount of variety present amongst the hotels in Seattle.