Kerala Tour ? Visit The Venice of the East Alappuzha


Venice in Italy is very famous about its mind nourishing blue water rounded landscaping. Like Venice, in India we have a famous backwater destination Alappuzha and it is a pet land for world wide tourists. According to Geographical structure of Kerala Alappuzha is the part of Kuttanadu filled with picturesque vast greenish paddy fields and it is one of the below sea level land in the world. The specialties like luxury floating houseboats over the silent water, backwater touching resorts, home stays, friendly and joyous people, world class cultural background and the special backwater dishes with nice flavor, all these are attracting everyone for kerala tours.



The waves of the Arabian sea is saying stories to the shore on  the west of this picturesque land mark and a vast network of lagoons, lakes and fresh water rivers crisscrossing it. This backwater country is also home of diverse animal and bird life, and also a unique land in the maritime history of Kerala. Alappuzha is a growing backwater tourism destination in India and attracting several thousands of visitors from the nook and corner of the world.



Alappuzha was the entrance for The western colonialism to India and before the starting of this dark time, this place had given hospitality for Egyptians, Romans, Arabians and like that various known and unknown ancient civilizations and cultures .Now also we can see and experience the monuments for these historical sharing in culture, language, architecture, religion, arts and even in air, through a tour to kerala. Alappuzha is a main coir industrial area in India and bringing India to world industrial map about natural fiber exporting.



The most important tourist attraction in this backwater destination is the floating splendor houseboat cruises through the stretch of breath taking backwaters, fringed by coconut palms and greenish rise bowls. With  these mind blowing beauties, we can also experience and see the simple life style and goodness of kerala villages. Various tour operators are providing a number of cheaper kerala tour packages to this dream land of God’s own Country. It is a romantic place for honeymooners to enjoy their starting of their joyous and lovely life. The cool breeze and hospitality of Kerala Tourism is always ready to bless the moments that only own for you to give a romantic start to a newly married life.



There are also annual boat races; that pulls thousands of spectators and a large number of competitors along the shore of the backwaters. The sounds of the traditional boat race songs will rich the air and minds with thrill, pleasure and unity. Also a number of temples and churches, those carrying history and creativity of human is calling you for a tour to Kerala. The God’s Own Country Kerala is inviting you to enjoy remarkable holiday of lifetime.