Kathy Mccabe And Her Insights To Have A Remarkable Trip To Italy!


A visit to Italy, or any place for that matter, calls for a lot of planning. Even with proper planning involved, at times the trip might end up to be an unsatisfied one. An authentic report on Italy travel will prove to be helpful in channelizing you in the right way, thus ensuring a cheerful Italy vacation.

Kathy McCabe the founder, editor, and publisher of the travel newsletter Dream of Italy offers amazing insights on Italy. Her fair and realistic outlooks on Italy vacations are a reliable source of information to visit the wonderland – Italy. As a traveller Kathy McCabe has had exceptional experiences, which reflects in her newsletter. Her exclusiveness when it comes to travel information makes her work special. USA TODAY, National Geographic Traveller, U.S News & World Report, and American Way (American Airlines) for the past 4 yrs have also recommended her newsletter.

McCabe’s simple and general information is applicable even for common travellers. She talks about almost every issue to be considered. Her pragmatic approach right from taking along pets for vacations to choosing luxury hotels and cruises in Italy is precise.

Her commendable report is inclusive of her experience on a truffle hunt in Piedmont, the magical hot springs in Tuscany, the spectacle of Verona open air museum, and the ancient caves in Basilicata.

Kathy McCabe appeared as a guest on ,Steve Perillo’s travel talk show. On the show, she talks about some really exotic yet less mentioned places in Italy, which usually don’t make it to the list of must-see places in most traveler’s itinerary. Her venturing spirit is sure to allure you to visit the not so common exotic places in Italy. As an Italy travel veteran, McCabe suggests the right time to visit specific places in Italy. She also provides travel tips on low rental places, shopping areas, kayak boating, cooking schools and more in Italy.