KANYE WEST (2018 Documentary)

KANYE WEST (2018 Documentary)

Kanye West has released his new albums Ye and Kids See Ghosts, this documentary takes you from the birth to the current day in the life of Kanye.

Kanye West made his name in music with his debut album The College Dropout hailed as a classic, he went on to dominate the music charts for over ten years. The death of his mother effected him greatly but his marriage to Kim Kardashian and the birth of his children seemed to give him much needed love and stability. Kanye however has divided fans with his support for Donald Trump and fallings out with long time friend Jay Z, people are questioning now more than ever… Where is Kanye’s mind at and who is he really? this documentary from True Geordie’s ‘True Life Stories’ series tries to answer that.

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