July 2017 Blogging Challenge – Blog Your Brand

July 2017 Blogging Challenge – Blog Your Brand

July 2017 Blogging Challenge – Blog Your Brand

Hello Bloggers,
It’s time for the July blogging challenge.

We all know that a great way to attract new people to your blog is to be found in the search engines.
What do people search for? A lot of the time, people search for how to do stuff. But if you type into Google “how to …” you’ll get bombarded with search results.

This month’s challenge it to write a great how to post, and also try to stand out with it.

So don’t write an ordinary run-of-the-mill how to post, find a new angle on the problem.

Make sure the subject matter is on brand for you so you attract the right people.

Instead of How To Straighten Your Hair, try How To Straighten Your Hair Without a Straightening Iron

Here’s another idea:
How about asking a bunch of people how to do something and curate all of their answers into one blog post, so you end up with something like “17 Soapmakers Tell You how To Blend Essential Oils”

This is why life hack articles are so popular. People want to know how to do stuff but they want new, fun, easy ways to do things.

Stand out amongst all those How Tos.

Post your brave new how to posts in the Blog Your Brand Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogYourBrand/

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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