Julia Gillard – Another Milestone In Australia


By electing Julia Gillard to the top post, Australia stepped in another milestone in its history. She was elected as Prime Minister, after this event, Australia has finally come out of the backwoods to become one of the top country leaders of the world. Gillard was appointed the new Prime Minister after Kevin Rudd was overthrown during his tenure.


An able politician


Julia Gillard is considered as one of the noteworthy leaders of Australia. She is hardworking and apparently honest in her dealings. Her tenure as a Prime Minister was an exemplary one, and hopefully she can maintain the values she has shown in her next term, if she’ll win the 2010 Federal Election. She filled in the place of Rudd after he showed ineptness and failures during his tenure as Prime Minister as well as leader of the Labor Party. Many people did not consider the overthrow of Rudd as being initiated by Gillard. It was the poor, or rather disappointing, performance of Rudd that catapulted Gillard to the post as the top leader of the country.




Apparently, Gillard is facing hard times at this time, especially that it is election year. One of the first things that she needs to do is to implement new polices to counteract the negative effects of the Rudd administration. For instance, she needs to address the damage caused by Rudd’s failed insulation plan that resulted to the deaths of four youths due to poorly trained installers. She has to find a way to address the issue of money spent to fix the problem that problem as well. In addition, Gillard also needs to regain the popularity of the Labor Party in several mining states that are affected by Rudd’s mining super tax.


The upcoming Federal Election will be Gillard’s next hurdle to convince the people that she is the right person on the job. Balancing cabinet appointments as well as creating favorable policies are some of her must-do’s if she wants to retain her position as Prime Minister. One of her most valuable assets is her steel resolve to lead the country exemplified during her brief stint as prime minister and a formidable contestant by the opposition. She knows that the road ahead will never be easy. Obstacles are just starting to manifest themselves.