Joseph bismark is an inspiration to many


The year 2008 was a definite turning point in the history of the QI group of companies which was launched a decade prior to this. It was in this year that the dynamic and efficient Joseph Bismark was elected as the GMD of this vast business group and he has helped to up the position of the company and brought about dramatic changes which have surely set a high standard for the company in the eyes of customers and business associates.

He is truly a man of substance, a visionary thinker, a great GMD and a desired team member everyone would love to work with.  He believes that anyone can do extraordinary things if they utilize the potential within them to the maximum. His leadership skills are said to be as dynamic and unique as the person himself and this has led to him being the sole factor for the growth and rise of this conglomerate in twenty two different nations. He believes that he is good and powerful but only with his team. Without them he claims to be nothing.

It is his sheer dedication and flawless character which is highly spoken about in the business circles across the globe. Joseph bismark is an individual who seems to have his values set right and who knows that it is the spiritual aspect of your which will truly bring solace to you and help you grow as an individual. He believes that your monetary gains are nothing but superficial and you shall keep seeing high’s and facing low’s but it is your spiritual side which keeps you grounded and helps in your personal growth.

For those who wish to take inspiration from the legendary joseph bismark and add value to their life by following his footsteps, you can follow his blog “gems of wisdom” or grab a copy of the book by the same name. His blog is a platform for all those who look up to him to share their views and ideas with him or simply know joseph bismark more as a person.